architecture and design

Vieux Carre Library

Situated on a large lot in a busy area of the French Quarter of New Orleans, the design sought to create a library that responded to the historic nature of its surroundings. Drawing on inspiration from the courtyards and pedestrian streets in the French Quarter, the design utilized a large cut through in the site to break down the scale of the building and create a welcoming public outdoor space that could be accessed from both Toulouse and Chartres. This pedestrian street takes prominence in the scheme with all functions of the building being accessed from it.

Social functions such as the exhibit space and cafe were fronted on Toulouse Street to attract visitors that may be passing on the street and draw them towards the library. Stack areas were pulled to a sheltered position on the site away from the damaging direct sunlight let in by the cut through. The reading room and exhibit space take a special place on the site in their own massing accessed on the upper floors by bridges. Overall, the design seeks to draw visitors into its central entry on the site and circulate them through clear orbiting paths.

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