architecture and design

Bywater Aquatic Center


Tasked with combining an aquatic center with a hotel, spa, restaurant, and commercial spaces into one complex on a post-industrial site, this proposal sought to string the program elements together in a linear fashion which is wrapped back on itself to create dynamic exterior courtyard spaces. Through this manipulation, all of the activity on the site is funneled through the center of the site to allow for greater interaction between visitors to the site. Furthermore, the wrapping of the program creates visual programmatic relationships across all of the program elements.

Organizationally, the program is situated in a way to encourage pedestrian use of the site, allowing the aquatic center and retail space  to have the most interaction with the surrounding neighborhood. Parking is accommodated towards the back of the site. The ground plane was lifted up to allow for a public park space with views of the industrial canal from it.

Project Team : Marcus Allen, Ian O’Cain

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