architecture and design

Warhol Gallery + Offices

The Warhol Gallery and Office was a study in the duality of program type. Faced with a program requiring spec office space alongside a public gallery and auditorium, the project sought to define the vastly different entities as separate while still having them coexist harmoniously on site and tie in to the proposed Reinventing the Crescent liner park plan that the site is situated on.

The resulting massing followed the idea of an object in a field. The public gallery and auditorium occupy the ground level of the site and act as an extension of the park itself. They are formed under a triangulated landscape as objects that emerge to greet guests. Where the landscape becomes too steep to support vegetation growth, concrete louvers screen glass facades to allow light in for the “underground” spaces.

The office itself sits as a pure glass cube on top of this created landscape. A fritted glass rain screen is applied to assist in cooling efforts for the building. Frit density changes across = facade in response to sun movement and views out to the river and city.


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